Not Enough Coffee In The World

Today is one of those days, that I just need to walk around with a coffee IV line. Seriously there is not enough coffee in the world to wake me up from this mornings rush. It all started fine, the kids were fine, it was beginning to look like a beautiful day but then as I was taking my sweet time getting up, my hubby yelled from downstairs… ( Hey doesn’t Matthew have school today?)

That was it! That was the moment! You know whether you are a mom, dad or have no kids, it doesn’t matter. There comes a time where your adrenaline kicks into high gear. For me, my Super Mom adrenaline kicked in and somehow we got all three boys to listen, get dressed, brush teeth & hair, get shoes & coats on and out the door we went.

Record timing for our family haha.

But here is the thing about adrenaline… it is like drinking an energy drink or two.

Yes you have tons of energy and can get a lot done but then moment that rush is over.. oh man prepare for a dip.

I’m talking zombie style of energy, like where is the bed type of energy. Your brain becomes foggy you start to get irritated with the kids for well just being kids. And you become mad in general because you can’t nap.

That is my day so far,  I figure it doesn’t hurt to stop at Starbucks a second time today… shhh just don’t tell my husband… hahaha.


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I’m Back!

Okay so it feels like forever, but I needed a break to clear my head but to also just adjust to life as a mom of 3. So much has happened since I wrote my first post. Let me break it down for you…

We moved, hubby, joined the army in the process he broke his hip & is now out of the army. We are moving again and I might be starting up work. Not to mention I started up a different blog but was never really happy with it so I stopped. My youtube channel was monetized but then changed their rules and I lost my monetization. Yet somehow I feel like that was the best thing ever. I feel like for me it is a great start over. I can create videos just to create. Not to think about the money. And by money I mean cents, as in my channel is pretty small so it wasn’t like I was raking in the BIG bucks. I didn’t even receive a paycheck. But what is exciting is I am able to create things I am passionate about. I am sharing my life with y’all and making this year my best year ever.

Yes yes, I know everyone says that, but for me… I truly mean it because I have a new outlook on life. Do I plan on sharing this blog with friends & family right away.. No, I have decided not to because I don’t want anything to be held back on here. I want to let myself express myself along with growing on this journey. Who know’s maybe in time I will share it with the people close to me. But for now, this is our little secret haha.., this is my little Haven on the web that I get to share with you dear reader. Hello!

Ignore the main section of this blog for a minute, I need to think about the different things I want to write about and create a proper menu. That is the 2016 version of me now I need to work on a new theme and a 2018 version of me for the menu. What I can tell you is that this will be a lifestyle blog. I will write about my life, raising our boys, what it is like being young & married. Along with things that I love and may have a slight addiction to makeup and shopping.

Let’s laugh, cry & fumble through this crazy journey we call life…

Insert sap…. Because this is where LIFE begins and LOVE never ends…….

Our Mornings

Go a little like this…

6:00 am
Baby wakes me up with a hand in my face. I will try to nurse him with no luck he is ready to play. I can move him from our bed to his crib, turn on his mobile and catch about 15 more minutes of sleep.

6:30 am
By now Aiden is getting fed up with us still being in bed and now becomes vocal about his frustration. Time to change a diaper and downstairs we shall go. It’s time for some morning cartoons. He has just recently started liking cartoons. We watch Sprout or Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes.

7:00 am
Like clockwork our oldest Matthew wakes up comes downstairs and crawls under the blanket with me. We will cuddle under the blanket for a little bit till he fully wakes up. Once he is awake he goes and gives his baby a kiss.

7:30 am
Let the breakfast begin, normally we eat cereal for breakfast but depending on how much time we have I will make pancakes. Today this snowy weather calls for some good ole fashioned oatmeal.

Matthew starts getting ready for school. Rules are in our house that before playing in the morning on a school day he needs to be fully ready for school. Including backpack by the door. Because many times we have been rushed for school all because of not being ready. I have been really blessed with Aiden because the mornings seem to be his best time. He loves the mornings and is the most active and happy at this time. So he entertains himself during this time.

Eric wakes up and goes straight for a hug then makes a beeline towards the kitchen table for breakfast. Once done he starts to play. He gets to stay in his pj’s since he hasn’t started school and he is not a morning person,he for sure needs his time to wake up. During that time I will breastfeed Aiden and its back to sleep he goes.

I start to get ready for the day, depending on the weather we will either walk to school or our neighbor will take Matthew to school.

*With a baby this schedule can vary a lot depending on the time Aiden wakes up or the moods that the older kids wake up in. They can be a bucket full of sunshine or children of the corn. For the most part,that’s a morning in the life of a mom with 3 kids.