Our Mornings

Go a little like this…

6:00 am
Baby wakes me up with a hand in my face. I will try to nurse him with no luck he is ready to play. I can move him from our bed to his crib, turn on his mobile and catch about 15 more minutes of sleep.

6:30 am
By now Aiden is getting fed up with us still being in bed and now becomes vocal about his frustration. Time to change a diaper and downstairs we shall go. It’s time for some morning cartoons. He has just recently started liking cartoons. We watch Sprout or Baby Genius Nursery Rhymes.

7:00 am
Like clockwork our oldest Matthew wakes up comes downstairs and crawls under the blanket with me. We will cuddle under the blanket for a little bit till he fully wakes up. Once he is awake he goes and gives his baby a kiss.

7:30 am
Let the breakfast begin, normally we eat cereal for breakfast but depending on how much time we have I will make pancakes. Today this snowy weather calls for some good ole fashioned oatmeal.

Matthew starts getting ready for school. Rules are in our house that before playing in the morning on a school day he needs to be fully ready for school. Including backpack by the door. Because many times we have been rushed for school all because of not being ready. I have been really blessed with Aiden because the mornings seem to be his best time. He loves the mornings and is the most active and happy at this time. So he entertains himself during this time.

Eric wakes up and goes straight for a hug then makes a beeline towards the kitchen table for breakfast. Once done he starts to play. He gets to stay in his pj’s since he hasn’t started school and he is not a morning person,he for sure needs his time to wake up. During that time I will breastfeed Aiden and its back to sleep he goes.

I start to get ready for the day, depending on the weather we will either walk to school or our neighbor will take Matthew to school.

*With a baby this schedule can vary a lot depending on the time Aiden wakes up or the moods that the older kids wake up in. They can be a bucket full of sunshine or children of the corn. For the most part,that’s a morning in the life of a mom with 3 kids.


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